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About the Iris Group

For more than a decade we have provided premium language learning and communication skills for businesses and their employees. We specialize in teaching customized English as a Second Language (ESL), accent reduction, language learning and cultural awareness courses that will equip your team with the skills it needs to thrive.

With every client we first assess the needs of their organization, industry, culture, and employees. Next, we design language and communication programs to accelerate learning to meet the unique communication demands of their business. Finally, we review course goals and client achievement, report the information to HR and advance to the next stage of language mastery training.

Our Clients

The Iris Group has deep experience creating and delivering language skills programs that extend to businesses across

all industries and to employees of all levels within those organizations.

Just a few of the industries we have developed language skills courses for include:

  • Energy/Oil/Gas
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Consumer Products/Retail

On an individual basis, we’ve worked with CEOs of Fortune 100 companies as well as with professionals in all functional business areas from sales and logistics to finance and customer service. We also work with educational institutions to customize courses for interviews, public speaking, and teacher training.

The Iris Group, LLC

The Premier Provider of Language Learning and Communication Skills for Businesses